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SALE Old Fashioned Plum Jam (TRIO)

SALE Old Fashioned Plum Jam (TRIO)

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When I was a kid we had two cherry trees in the orchard and Aunt June had at least one in her yard. They were a bright red and tart variety. Each year was a race to pick them before the birds would strip the tree plum clean. Tin pie pans were hung in the trees to scare the birds away, or to at least appease some sort of folklore that said the pans would. I never particularly had a taste for those trees, but their novelty was so neat to me. This jam is inspired by those trees and that week each summer when they would be picked.

Each and every jar of our jam is made with berries grown here locally in our small Kentucky town. A mix of ones from this very farm and another one just up the road a piece. Each berry is sliced and capped by hand. Cooked and processed by hand. Each jar is filled by hand. Even the labels are printed here locally and feature photos from this farm.

We created this very special cherry jam to share our small town life with you and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. You're always welcome here. Come and sit a spell.

Half Pint Jar. Proudly made in Kentucky.



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